Newsapaper artwork by Tracey Falcon, title PROSTHESIS 2.. Two logs covered with newspaper strips to look like wood, one of them is burnt. Shown against birch wallpaper and alongside bleached wood
PROSTHESIS 2 . Giclee print savailable. Contact me for size and price

Already Reads

Drawn from nature, newspaper is then drawn back into nature. Newspaper tree trunks and prosthetic branches, sharing the stories they've been charged to keep. Stories both from the trees they start as and the human world of truth, lies, propaganda and opinion branded onto the newspaper; history - the writing on the wall.

Reshaping the Already Reads into new narratives in 2 dimensions, the wall mounted newspaper works seek to reference trees, the world printed onto the newspaper, and new words suggested by the reworked trees/paper/news. I write a new short piece alongside each of the 2 dimensional works. Sometimes in these new words its not easy to see the wood from the trees.

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'Branding' Some of my later work is drawn onto with a blowtorch. I love the idea of subverting materials. Instead of drawing onto paper with charcoal I am almost creating charcoal through the drawing process.

Newspaper artwork by Tracey Falcon. Strips of newspaper which look like wood with an image drawn onto it with a blowtorch. Title BREXAS - A LONE STAR STATE
BREXAS - A LONE STAR STATE. 82 cm x 57 cm £1250. Contact me to purchase.
newsapaper artwork by Tracey Falcon, AT STAKE.  A triptych made of newspaper to look like wood with images of Rebekkah Brooks, Rupert and James Murdoch drawn on with a blowtorch
AT STAKE - TRIPTYCH. 67.5 x 77.5 cm each piece. Rebekkah Brooks SOLD. Rupert and James Murdoch £875 each. Contact me to purchase