Newspaper works, digital compositions as limited edition prints and oil paintings. Please use the Enquiries & Purchases form for more information, to request a commission or to buy any of the artworks shown.

Newsapaper artwork by Tracey Falcon, title PROSTHESIS 2.. Two logs covered with newspaper strips to look like wood, one of them is burnt. Shown against birch wallpaper and alongside bleached wood
PROSTHESIS 2 . Giclee print, contact me for size and price

Drawn from nature, newspaper is then drawn back into nature, sharing the stories they've been charged to keep. Stories both from the trees they start as and the human world of truth, lies, propaganda and opinion branded onto the newspaper; history - the writing on the wall.

Tracey Falcon, Digital Collage
Digital Collage - TITLE, contact me for size and price

An exploration of new perspectives fought for through layer upon layer. Limited ediiton prints available.

Tracey Falcon, oil painting - "Lemon"
"Lemon" oil painting: contact me for size and price