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  1. Its been a long long time since my last/first post. I can only say that its not for lack of something to say!

    In the early months of my newly incapacitated state 3 years ago I searched my mind for what I missed the most. If I could only do one thing that I wasn't able to do at that time what would it be? Well, walk is the most obvious answer but, aside from that, I knew without doubt that it was to be among trees.

    hillierforkl jpeg sir harold hillier gardens tracey falcon newspaper art

    I had worked for an arts organisation based in a forest and subsequently set up, with a few colleagues from that organisation, a new Community Interest Company called Outdoor Studios that provides artist-led workshops for creative experiential learning exploring environment, landscape, and place. My love of trees is deeply ingrained and so absolutely necessary to me I knew I had to reconnect.

    The digital artworks I started to make during lockdown look at the frustrations around the distance from nature that I keenly experienced. The Unlocked series focuses, with humour, on the barriers and the layers of physical and emotional hurdles needed to be overcome in order to engage with nature again.

    Unlocked (the ninth)

    Luckily for me my wonderful son, through a crowdfunding campaign, got me a robust wheelchair that could take me back to the forest.

    I photographed trees with a thirst born of denial and explored these photographs through digital manipulation. The emerging phantasmagorical patterns surprisingly embody both the human and natural environment with some unexpectedly visceral results. 

    forest glow orig inverse small


    I have created a new page on this website to show these new works and also a new Instagram account @treeseefalcon . I can't resist a pun and I hope you enjoy this new series of digital art works.



    fallen tree nude mirror inverse turned small


  2. I had been making work from newspaper for 16 years or so and then, just under 2 years ago I had a spinal injury and I could no longer walk. I went into lockdown way before most did and so did my art practice, I lost confidence and direction and wasn’t sure how to reignite it.


    conversation with nature at the coastal park folkestone tracey falcon newsp

    Mid way through the pandemic lockdown that changed. I loved lockdown. Cosy at home with my son not needing to try to fit in with the manic world. Not needing to find a route via wheelchair for something resembling a new normality but not the new normal the world talked of. I began to make art again. Perhaps the pressure being taken off me was what created that spark. Whatever it was I am grateful. I am oil painting and creating digital collages and I am, once again, part of a community of artists. I am out of isolation.

    a new perspective

    Eye level is different for everyone so perspectives aren’t ever the same. As a new wheelchair user my eye level has literally given me new horizons. Sometimes this is good, I’m not going to fall over so I look up more at the sky and trees. Sometimes, less desirable, in a crowded room or street I am often at groin or buttock level.



    The digital compositions show, with humour, the things I can’t easily access and have to be fought for through layers of need and new priority. They preference spines, legs and medication symbolised by toadstools and yew trees also representing mortality. All veiling and constraining the nature I am desperate to connect with.

    Unlocked (the twelfth)